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When you receive your product we would love for you to conduct an ENAg 'Before and After' Home Test.

Remember, if you are not 100% happy with the results then return the item within 30 days for your money back! 


1. ENAgStick


• Take two identical glasses of tap water and ‘Swizzle’ one vigorously anti-clockwise for about 10 seconds.

   Then test its odour, transparency and taste.• When a cup of tea or coffee sits too long in a mug, it begins to

   taste bitter. Try swizzling it with the ENAgStick and notice the difference.• Try the same test with a glass of 

   juice, cheap red wine, whisky,  brandy etc.

2. ENAgDisc


• Put the ENAgDisc in the saucepan you are using to cook vegetables, pasta, rice etc and taste the difference.
• Put any container whether glass or plastic with any drink (juices, milk etc.) or food (fruit, cheese, chocolate,

  dips etc) and after a few minutes taste the difference.
• Place Homeopathic remedies or essential oils on the ENAgDisc and in a very short time the potency will be 

• Put a pinch of salt or sugar on the ENAgDisc and a pinch on a plate or piece of paper. DO NOT put them too 

  close to each other. Wait for a  minute or two and then compare the taste of each.
    (If the salt or sugar you are using is natural its taste will be enhanced.

    If however you are using a chemical based salt or sugar then the harsh taste will be reduced).
• Try the same test using sugar, pepper, chocolate, chilli dip, a small piece of cheese etc.
   (Taste is a subjective issue and therefore difficult to say which one is better but at least you will find there is a 

   difference.  For instance with milk, cheese and ice cream the ENAgDisc will make them taste creamier).
• Take 2 grapes from the same bunch. Place one grape on the disc and compare the taste of each.
• Try a citric juice in a small plastic container like the ones you get on aeroplanes.

    Place one on to the ENAgDisc for 2 ~ 3 minutes and compare.
• Cut any frozen food in half such as chicken or fish. Place each piece on two plates separated by at least a foot.

   Place the ENAgDisc under one of the plates and wait 15 minutes or so. Then see which one thaws quickest.
• Try a test with an essential oil or perfume in a bottle (you do not have to open the bottle).

    Place one on the disc. Wait for few minutes and test the aromas (With some tests we did on cheap perfume 

   the ENAgDisc removed the smell).
• Try putting cosmetics such as lipstick and face cream on the ENAgDisc.

   You will notice the differences in the texture, creaminess and colour.
• If you smoke or know someone who does take two cigarettes from the same packet and place one on the       

   ENAgDisc. Wait a few minutes and try both and taste the difference.


• Cut a length and leave in a vase of cut flowers, stick it into a plant pot, place in the showerhead, hose,

   plat it and use it for irrigation.

   ENAgCord enlivens the water that it comes in contact with and extends the life of living plants.





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