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- How does BioCeramica work? -


BioCeramica radiates with Far Infrared energy, meaning that anything in close contact with BioCeramica can benefit from its effects, rather like rays of energy from the sun.

Independent scientific research has shown that BioCeramica reduces chlorine and sulphate in water, making drinks purer and better tasting, that fruit and vegetables keep fresher longer, that plants watered with BioCeramica treated water grow stronger and with less need for fertilisers or pesticides, and so on.....

But don't just take our word for it!

- Testimonials -

• Tap water treated with ENAgStick is the closest to Victor Schauberger’s Living Water I used to drink when I was a


   - The Late Baroness Ednée DiPauli (Center Link)

• Tap water swizzled with ENAgStick tasted less chlorinated.

    - Dr Alan Williams (POM Committee, Campden Food & Drink Research Association)

• Organic foodstuffs in a domestic fridge at 6°C had on average a doubled lifespan. All vegetables retained a firmer 

   texture and stronger flavour. The lifetime of Organic Jams after opening was prolonged by 2-3 days.

   - Mudimo Okondo (IT/Multimedia Architect)


• Foliage on BC treated Phaseolus weighed 22% more, yet the number of aphids on the plant were significantly higher.

   These results suggest that BC is influencing the growth of the plant, by producing an increase in nutrients in the

   plant or a decrease in secondary metabolites. This could result from the nutrient qualities of the treated plants being higher, or from being

   more tolerant to aphid attack.

    - Dr Monique Simmonds (Biological Interaction, Jodrell Laboratory, Kew)


• Sirloin steaks hung in BC powered cold storage retained a pound extra in weight and the cooked result was remarkable.

   - Russell Allen (Executive Chef De Cuisine, Tower Thistle Hotel)


• BC is a “smart ceramic” which is defined as an object imbedded with specific codes of quantum dynamics information.

   - Sally Ingram (Senior Researcher, Chaos & the Electromagnetic Human Genome)


• Wine and juice tasted different.

   - Judith Wilcox (Inflight Services, Virgin Atlantic Airways)


• BC is highly porous. Porosity is the key to improve water quality.

   - Sebastian Conran (Product Designer)


• Fruits and vegetables stayed fresh in my fridge when I was away for three weeks.

   - Lynne Franks (Founder, Lynne Franks PR)


• Evaluation of bacteriocidal/bacteriostatic effects of BC with E.Coli or Pseudomonas fluorescens showed no indication of growth  inhibition around the BC disc placed on the agar, and on relocation there was found to be no growth beneath the disc. Also on reincubation    there was no growth into the cleared area (former disc site). In addition, the bacterial lawn at the relocation site cleared. Therefore surface "activated" by contact with the BC does not permit growth.

    - Dr Crawford Dow (Biology & Biological Science, Warwick University)


• We are impressed with the result of marine anti-fouling trials which showed BC inhibiting bacterial and algae

   growth on glass-fibre reinforced plate.

    - Ian Campbell (Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology & Industrial Aerodynamics, University of Southampton)


• I have found that at a thickness of about 0.2mm, BC absorbs infrared at a wavelength of 7~15µ.

    - Steve Withington (Tableware Research Section, Ceram Research)


• BC was examined using scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive analysis. It has revealed to have a

  highly porous body of alumina-silicate composition and also showed some closed rounded pores typical of fused       

   silica but unusual for this type of body. The glaze covering the body contained numerous pores of 10~100µm in   

  diameter and found to have a high concentration of iron oxide crystals which are likely to be Magnetite. Zircon   

  crystals were also present. The interactive layer showed numerous relatively large crystals of iron oxide.

    - Dr Richard White (Microbe Structure Department, Ceram Research)


• I would recommend further investigations into the biomagnetic influence of BC material as a possible mechanism

   for its effect on the  quantum dynamic ordering of water molecules and biological processes.

    - Dr Philip Jackson (Project Delivery Leader, Whitewares Division, Ceram Research)

• Water shaken with BC reduced Chloride by 3.4% and Sulphate 3.2%.

   - Michael Holnes (X-ray Fluorescence Department, Ceram Research)

• When put in direct sunlight it prevented algae growth in natural spring water for a much longer period.

   - Charles Cawthray (Crystal Clear Marketing Ltd)

• Bitter chocolate becomes milder, milk chocolate becomes much creamier, orange juice becomes sweeter and coffee

  tastes less bitter.

   - Stephen Godman (Technical Support Engineer, Four Square)

• Significant reduction in silverware tarnishing.

    - Theo Fennell (Designer, Theo Fennell Jewellers)


• We found out that BC works as claimed but we do not know how it works.

    - Traci Salaski (R&D, Coors Ceramics Co., USA)


• BC powered live cheese made from organically produced goat’s milk improved the flavour and quality. It also increased the aroma of freshly baked organic bread.

    - Hugh W. Inge-Innes-Lillingston (Innes Bakery & Dairy Products)

• Reduced bad odours in a BC powered walk-in fridge and the temperature was dropped by 2°C over a 24 hour period.

   The temperature in the BC powered walk-in freezer became more stable and frozen mist, frost and risk of over-

  freezing was eliminated.  Foods fried with BC powered frying oil were free of both burns and excess residual oil, the

  flavour increased and texture was lighter. Fat frying oil remained clearer and its freshness was prolonged for up to 10 days.

    - Michael Culley (Safety & Technical Officer, Grosvenor Hotel)


• Bananas appear to last longer.

    - William Harding (Subtle Energy Information & Technology Institute)


• BC improved electromagnetic properties of water i.e. homeopathic dilutions.

    - Christopher Deakin (Acupuncturist & Homeopath)


• BC prolonged the viability and strength of aroma of essential oils.

    - Jane Okondo (Aroma therapist & Complemental Medical Practitioner)


• When I ingest BC Water, my hands become very hot and my patients also notice the effect.

    - Habiba Cooke (Healer & Complemental Medical Practitioner)


• As soon as I drink BC water, I feel the energy in my kidneys right away.

    - Sukie Thomas (Healer & Complemental Medical Practitioner)


• The energy/strength of Homeopathic remedies increased by more than 70%.

    - Donna Alicia Sirignano (Homeopath & Complemental Medical Practitioner)


• Water energy and potency increased, whilst impurity decreased.

    - Tom Lafferty M.Sc., M.Rad.A. (Chairman, Technical Committee, Radionic Association)


• BC energy is measurable by using centripetal energy resonance technology, but it is not measurable by using a 

  device designed to measurable centrifugal energy.

    - Dr René Naccachian (SBJ International, France)


• BC has etheric and cosmic energy. It also reduces chlorine and harmful chemicals in water. BC Water improves kidney function.

    - Redmila Bilimoria (Homeopath & Complemental Medical Practitioner)


• I have verified the change brought about by BC in the taste of both water and wine. I have also demonstrated proof 

  of this change using the methods of the Austrian Forschungstelle Fur Bioenergie, which confirm nine possible “resonance patterns” in water.

    - Sylvia Francke (Anthroposophical Researcher in the field of Subtle Energies)


• Using a Magnetic Resonance Analyser, we have found that BC positively emits Hadoh (y) Energy. We have also observed that at  room temperature BC will emit powerful Far-Infrared.

    - Hiromichi Hagiwara (Author of ‘Hadoh & Health’. Published by PHP Research Institute, Japan.)


• We have examined two other commercial products of this kind, but BC, a special “Far- infrared emitting ceramic” showed outstanding ability  for our purposes of understanding it’s effects on air and water.

    - Prof. Isao Matsuzaki (Material Engineering, Shinshu University, Japan)

• One of the characteristics of this ceramic is that it can influence water without coming into direct contact with it. Its

  presence has the effect of stimulating infrared generation...this change in the vibrational energy of the water gives   rise to all the very    practical useful effects which are leading people to apply this new material.

    - The Late Prof. Alan Hall (Live Water Trust)

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