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ENAg Stick


The ENAg Stick is our bestseller - a portable and handy way to treat any liquids when you are out and about: a bottle of water for your handbag, a cup of tea in a cafe or a glass of wine in a restaurant - swizzle the ENAg Stick anti-clockwise for 5 seconds in your drinks and notice the instant difference in taste and purity.

The ENAg Stick comes in stainless steel. A Peruvian silver version is also available. 

'Tap water swizzled with ENAgStick tasted less chlorinated.'
- Dr Alan Williams (POM Committee, Camden Food & Drink Research Association)



The 39mm BioCeramica disc with tri-power can be used to enhance the potency of essential oils and the consistency of cosmetics and homeopathic remedies, as well as any foods. Place the container on the disc and in a few seconds the contents will be transformed.

BioCeramica will enhance the flavour and extend the life of fruit and vegetables. For an instant taste transformation try placing chocolate, sweets, dips, or salt on one of these discs and taste the difference!






ENAg-Tri Disc

Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 14.05.04_edited

A Peruvian Silver version of our ENAg stick. All the benefits of BioCeramica with the added positive effects of silver. 


Available in any of the 4 designs. 

(Dragon, Round Shell, Dolphin, Flat Shell.)

Please specify which design you prefer upon check-out.


ENAg Cord

This plastic cord, infused with pulverised BioCeramica, is very flexible.


Cut a length and leave in a vase of cut flowers, stick it into a plant pot, place in the showerhead, hose, plat it and use it for irrigation.


Living Energy's BioCeramica re-energises the water that it comes in contact with, which helps extends the life of cut flowers, improves the health of living plants, and purifies the water flowing through your shower. Cord can be cut to length.


£4.00 per metre

ENAg Pellets (Trio)


This is trio pack of loose BioCeramica ENAg Pellets. Pellets are the ideal size to place in water filter jugs, glass or plastic bottles, or indeed any containers of liquid. 


'Water shaken with BC reduced Chloride by 3.4% and Sulphate 3.2%.'

- Michael Holnes (X-ray Fluorescence Department, Ceram Research)


£17.50  (Trio Pack)

ENAg Net 

ENAg Net

This 30cm x 30cm plastic net, infused with pulverised BioCeramica, is ideal to store food upon in the pantry or fridge.

'Organic foodstuffs in a domestic fridge at 6°C had on average a doubled lifespan. All vegetables retained a firmer texture and stronger flavour' - Mudimo Okondo (IT/Multimedia Architect)

'Fruits and vegetables stayed fresh in my fridge when I was away for three weeks.'
- Lynne Franks (Founder, Lynne Franks PR)




ENAg Peruvian Silver Stick

BioCeramica Boosts: Aromatherapy Bath Salts


Living Energy BioCeramica powder is blended with pink Himalayan salts, botanicals, and frankincense, orange and lavender essential oils. 

BioCeramica boosts the potency and fragrance of aromatherapy oils as well as the detoxifying properties of the salt.

Add a teaspoon to a hot bath for a powerful and wonderfully relaxing experience. 

(temporarily out of stock)

ENAg Bath Powder

100% pure pulverised fine BioCeramica powder.


Add a teaspoon to a hot bath and feel the difference in the water, which will keep its natural warmth for longer and kick out some of the impurities that do not belong in 'living' water.



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