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BioCeramica is a unique ceramic made from Japanese clay and covered with a special mineral glaze. BioCeramica revitalises the taste and natural elements of liquids and foods by amplifying the Far Infrared energy, promoting healthiness and reducing impurities.














BioCeramica is 100 % natural and reusable, and offers a unique way to to make 'living' water full of optimum energy and purity, as opposed to the 'dead' water coming out of our taps and bottles. BioCeramica has been tested to reduce the chlorine and sulphate in drinking water and improve the ph. 

How do I use BioCeramica?

Our products are used primarily to make pure and energised 'living' water, and also designed for use in healthy cooking and preserving organic food, as well as enhancing natural elements in cosmetics and essential oils. Keep a disc in contact with your fruit and vegetables to keep them fresh, or sit a pot of humus or a bar of chocolate on a disc a few seconds before you eat it (yum!). Stir any liquids with a stick to reduce impurities and improve the taste, or simply leave a pellet in your water bottle to keep your drinking water energised all day long... 



BioCeramica BOOSTS 

Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Living Energy are proud to announce the arrival of a new bodycare range of BioCeramica-powered aromatherapy treatments: 

BioCeramica Boosts.

BioCeramica "boosts" the potency and fragrance of aromatherapy oils, and in the first product we have developed we blend together Living Energy BioCeramica powder with pink Himalayan salts and frankincense, orange and lavender! 

We want to install our confidence in our products into our new customers. Therefore, we offer a no quibble 30 day Money Back Guarantee!​

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